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Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy is a name you can trust for comprehensive physical therapy designed to get the best result possible. Our goal is to return you to your peak performance level. Our licensed professional physical therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition and develop a thorough treatment plan and timeline for your recovery.

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Our Physical Therapy Services

Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy in our Bowie center is operated and run by licensed physical therapists who are experts in a wide variety of Physical Therapy Treatments.

In addition to therapeutic exercise and strength training, we are experts in the latest manual therapies customized for your recovery. Here are some of the specialized physical therapy techniques practiced at our Bowie Center.

Kinesio Taping

A Japanese technique originated in the 1970s, Kinesio taping can do wonders for athletes ... and sportspersons. The taping technique ensures that there is no hindrance of movement while providing targeted support.

Dry Needling

Dry needling treats muscle tissue, and its goal is to reduce pain, inactivate trigger points and ... restore function. It rarely is a stand alone procedure. Rather, it often is part of a broader physical therapy approach incorporating other traditional physical therapy interventions into treatment.


The ancient technique of cupping has been used since time immemorial. With traces of its implementation ... in China and Egypt, the technique is used today by many. The cupping technique helps in reducing pain, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy is meant for athletes and sportspersons who are always on the move. Our ... professionals help in diagnosing the severity and the nature of your injury, in order to provide athletes with the tools to not only heal your injury, but to help prevent recurrence with exercises and proper technique, no matter what your sport.

Pre-Operative Physical Therapy

Pre-operative physical therapy is preferred by candidates who have an upcoming surgery. ... Our professionals understand the nature of your surgery and provide you with the best physiotherapy solutions for a quick post-surgical recovery.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Post-operative physical therapy helps a lot of people gain back their energy and mobility ... after operative surgery. Due to a lack of movement during the surgery, many patients tend to lose their energy and mobility.

Our health professionals understand the needs of every patient and consult a treatment only after a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. This makes us one of the best physical therapy centres in Bowie.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just a simpler way of alleviating pain. There are a host of benefits that might make you want to try it yourself such as:

Avoids Surgeries

Patients facing a surgical solution to a muscular-skeletal problem may benefit from skilled ... physical therapy.

Physical Therapists understand your moving parts, how they work together and how to identify when there are problems. Low back pain is one of the conditions that can benefit from PT. Don’t choose surgery until you try a physical therapy treatment plan.

Improves Mobility

Regular physical therapy treatments can help patients overcome the mobility issues they might ... be facing as a result of major surgery or even a chronic condition you may have suffered with for year.

Prevents Injuries

It’s said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Using Physical therapy to strengthen weaker ... areas of the body can help prevent variety of injuries.

Age-Related Issues

As we age, we hurt, Physical therapy can come to your rescue. Instead of going for a hip or ... joint replacement (unless unavoidable), opt for regular physical therapy sessions.

Our therapist often uncover hidden issues that can be fixed by altering posture, moving in a different way, or by simply strengthening muscles.

Avoid Dependence On Pain Medications

After a surgical process, many patients tend to get dependent ... on their pain medications. Opting for physical therapy instead of opioids is a much better solution! We can often show patients how to use topical pain relief, ice and/or heat to relieve pain, in conjunction with your treatment plan.

Our Physical Therapy Services

Our team of trained wellness experts make sure that you always get the best therapy and services.

Keeping the best interests of our patients in mind, we have incorporated aquatic therapy services at our center in Bowie.

Aquatic therapy involves a therapy session in a warm therapy pool, giving you an easier environment to stretch and increase your mobility. Aquatic therapy tends to take away the pressure of gravity and hard surfaces which might be difficult for some patients. Your therapist may recommend Aquatic Rehabilitation as part of your treatment.

The primary goal of an aquatic therapy is to help the patient recover to the point that they can perform the same exercises outside the pool.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy Services

  • Warm therapy pools tend to reduce muscle tension
  • A more comfortable way of recovery in some cases
  • Less stress on affected joints
  • Helps decrease muscle spasms

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Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy is an organization that believes in overall development and recovery of its patients.

Our leadership involves a team of highly educated therapists with advanced degrees and specialized training. All therapists are thoroughly experienced and passionate about your health.

Every person who gets treated at our Bowie center is ensured of a professional and caring treatment. Compassion and Expertise contribute to a successful outcome. We are not a patient factory. Many of our patients become friends, returning as they need treatment and staying with us for a lifetime.

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