Enhance Your Wellness Through the Ancient Art of Cupping Therapy

While you may have only recently heard about the therapy called cupping (Cupping Therapy), it is actually an ancient technique used by the Chinese and Egyptians. The Chinese believe that cupping can open chakras and remove toxins from the body. Today, this therapeutic technique is used by many to manage pain, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Overall, it can be used to increase relaxation of muscles.

What Happens During A Cupping Session?

During a cupping session, a therapist will place something flammable in a glass, bamboo or silicone cup and light it on fire. When the fire goes out and there is only smoke, the cup is placed on the skin. A vacuum is created as the air inside the cup cools down. This will cause the skin under the cup to redden and expand. The cup will be left on for several minutes. Do not be surprised if the round welts or impressions from the cup last for the rest of the afternoon.

Modern Cupping Techniques

In modern physical therapy, many therapists use a rubber pump to create the vacuum for cupping rather than fire. This allows them to use silicone cups which can easily be moved around the body to create a more massage like feeling. Some will also combine cupping with acupuncture or use a small scalpel to make tiny cuts in the skin. These additional procedures can enhance the therapy. Acupuncture is the most common therapeutic procedure to be associated with cupping.

Client getting a cupping therapy treatment.

Long Term Benefits

Most cupping sessions involve a therapist using 3-5 cups. Following the session, you should feel rejuvenated. Many believe the Chinese philosophy that cupping reduces toxins in the body so they book monthly sessions to experience the full benefits that cupping provides.

At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, our team works to build the wellness of every individual we treat. If cupping is a recommended course of action for your wellness program, we will treat you with care. Don’t stay in pain! Come see our team today for the relief and wellness that you deserve.