Would you try Aquatic Therapy?

Would you try Aquatic Therapy?

What so good about Aquatic Therapy?

Injuries are a part of life that cannot be ignored, any given day could be the day a simple accident may occur that could change your life. People may try their best to stay healthy and fit, but as you get older the body ages and is more susceptible to injuries. This is where Physical Therapy (PT) comes into the rescue.

Depending on where you live, if a clinic offers Aquatic Therapy, you may wonder what is it all about? According to Ann Swanson from Pemi-Baker Community Health, she states that “Aquatic therapy continues to grow in popularity as a safe complement or alternative to traditional land-based therapy and it is suitable for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels. You do not need any swimming experience to gain benefits of the water”. This can be intriguing to people who are mostly unable to move their body or joints due to an increased amount of pain or general weakness overall.

Katy Schwartzer, a Physical Therapist from Pemi-Baker Community Health indicates that “The biggest benefit of aquatic therapy is that people who are injured, disabled or otherwise not capable of comfortably or safely performing exercises on land can easily do so in the water”. When you are in the water, the concept of buoyancy applies, where the water can reduce stress on the body or joints to allow patients to perform exercises with less pain. “The natural pressure of water in therapy pools reduces joint and soft-tissue swelling and provides enough resistance to strengthen muscle”. So, when the opportunity presents itself, would you try aquatic therapy?

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