Proactive Physical Therapy Treatments in Reisterstown, MD

Physical therapy isn’t just a single kind of treatment for any one type of injury or pain. Instead, it’s a varied discipline, like medicine, with targeted methodologies depending on the patient’s current range of motion, pain, and health concerns. At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, we use both water-based and traditional Physical Therapy to address and heal sports injuries like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, concussions and fractures.

For degenerative or medical health issues, we also work with patients taking back control of their health and mobility from arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic headaches and pain, TMJ (jaw popping), vertigo, and more.


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Trusted Therapists Provide Peace of Mind

You need to know that the individuals who will be directing your care are well-qualified, with all of the required certifications and training needed to help ensure your long-term wellness. Physical therapy is a demanding profession, and one that is highly regulated by the American Physical Therapy Association. You can be confident that each of our therapists has been fully vetted and is prepared with a range of treatment options that can be combined throughout your wellness journey.

Moving Towards an Active Lifestyle

Whether you are suffering from normal arthritis pain as you age or recovering from surgery or a sports injury, pain is a part of life for many Americans. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be — with the support of proactive aquatic & physical therapy professionals, you can often alleviate or greatly reduce the level of pain you have on a daily basis. Ongoing therapy has been shown to increase blood flow to muscles and reduce muscle fatigue, both important steps towards long-term healing.