Pre-and Post-Surgical Rehab

Pre-and Post-Surgical Rehab

Boost Surgery Results with Pre-and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Many doctors are starting to see the benefits of choosing pre-surgical rehabilitation for patients who are planning to undergo surgery. These preparations are just as important as recovery rehabilitation. Increasing the flexibility of the tissue and tendons for surgery will allow the surgeon a better case scenario during the operation. Also, you can expect stronger results from your body as it starts to heal.

Pre-Game for Your Surgery

Strengthening this area before having surgery is also essential for pre-surgical rehabilitation. Minimizing inflammation in the area through aquatic therapy or physical therapy will strengthen these joints and improve the strength in tendons.

By building this strength and flexibility before surgery, the amount of time in post-surgical rehabilitation is reduced since the healing process will generate faster. Having a reduced post-surgery rehab treatment allows you to get back to your daily life and obligations much more quickly.

Get Your Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Reps in With Physical Therapy

Getting those discharge papers following your surgery is a sign that post-surgical rehabilitation is starting soon. The quicker this treatment begins, the faster your body will heal and you can regain full use of the operated area.

Post-surgical rehabilitation should begin immediately and is customized to fit your needs for the operated area. Attempting to delay this process will only cause it to last longer and become more painful in the beginning.

Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain

Living with chronic pain adds unnecessary pressure and stress to your day. When you work with the knowledgeable physical therapists at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, you’ll find low-stress options that can help reduce chronic pain that can reduce or eliminate your need for over-the-counter pain medicine.

Reduce Pain and Get The Gains

The goal of the surgery is to correct the damage done to an area in your body. Surgeries such as knee replacement surgery focus on regaining the use of that knee, increasing the range of motion and flexibility so that you are not limited moving forward. Making a habitual use of this area will reduce pain and inflammation build-up that builds following a surgical procedure.

Sneakers or Swimsuit: Choose Your Approach To Therapy

Our patients have options for treatment that include either aquatic therapy, physical therapy or both. At Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, we offer customized treatments to jump-start the healing your body needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, whether you are preparing for surgery or in recovery.