Work-Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Did you have a gravity check at work?

When your foot connects with a slippery floor, you can expect a gravity check just seconds later. The most common work-related injuries are related to slips and falls. Many of these cases also include some foreign objects or matter in the pathway. Falling at work can cause a number of problems that vary around the fall.

Where did you fall?

How far did you fall?

What part of your body was hurt?

Depending on the answer to these questions determines the severity of the injury and what is needed to treat it moving forward. Falls have the ability to cause broken bones or damages to joints because of your body weight landing on a part of your body when you fall.

Other Foes in the Workplace

Other common work-related injuries include employees coming into contact with moving objects or equipment that is both large and heavy. This could have a similar impact on someone that has fallen due to the nature of the force. For those who use lifting as a part of their daily duties, overexertion of muscles throughout your body can become extremely painful and prevent things such as your range of motion, limiting your life quality.

Fight Work-Related Injuries With Therapy

After you experience one of the common work-related injuries, it is critical that you seek the proper therapy options:

Aquatic therapy & Physical Therapy

Both of these treatment options start showing signs of pain relief, but they focus on generating proper healing in the injured areas. Allowing you to retain the use of the injured part of your body as well as you did before is the result of engaging in these therapy sessions and performing the exercises necessary.

Don’t slip up and miss your therapy!

Missing the treatment you need can make your health fall. Putting off therapy can prohibit your body from healing properly. If you are experiencing pain and restrictions from work-related injuries, contact Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy for more information and to schedule your consultation. Our individualized treatment will improve your health and get you back to work.