Do You Have Shin Pain?

Do You Have Shin Pain?

You may be suffering from Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints).

Physiology: Repetitive stress and force on lower extremity from activities such as running and jumping can cause inflammation in tissues, muscles and tendons within the lower extremity that pulls on shin bone, causing achy or sharp pain on medial, lateral or both aspects of shin.

Who's affected: Commonly runners, dancers, athletes, military personnel are affected by shin splints, but anyone who increases physical activity levels significantly can be affected.

Causes: Repetitive overloading of the lower extremity muscles, insufficient arch (flat feet), muscular imbalances and improper footwear.

Prevention: Proper warm up before exercises (heel raises, toe raises, ankle circles..etc), ramp up to target activity (if you are accustomed to running 1 mile, do not immediately jump up to 3 miles, instead progress to 1.25 miles and slowly work up to 3 miles).

Treatment: REST! Allow your muscles and tissues to heal before resuming activity, Cross training (stretching and strengthening of lower extremities and feet), Soft tissue and trigger point release, ice and antiinflammatories to control pain and inflammation.

If you are unable to treat yourself, our amazing therapist's can put together a treatment plan that will help you get back on your feet and doing what you love!