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    Success Stories by Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy

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    Read About Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy’s many success stories with our amazing land and water therapies offered in Maryland. Call us Today for more information!


    "I was very impressed with the therapy service I received at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy. Everyone who worked with me, whether in the pool, or on land was very professional, knowledgeable, and sensitive to my therapy needs! This is a great place to receive the best treatment of both worlds, therapy on land as well as in the pool."


    "This is my second rehab here. I came back because Greg and Sharyn did such a great job with getting my right knee working properly. My right knee was a replacement while my left knee was stem cell injected. The trick was to learn how to strengthen my knees after each had been worked upon. I learned from my first knee visits these folks knew their stuff and can translate what I NEED to do, WHY and CORRECTLY! I am better now because of Greg’s and Sharyn’s expertise, knowledge and professionalism. Thanks."


    The end of June 2017, I had surgery on my left leg to repair my femur which was broken in several places. I now sport a titanium rod from my hip to my knee, several nails and some wire which was used to hold everything in place. I was in Sinai Hospital for 5 days then was moved to the hospital’s rehab floor for the next 7 days.

    My leg from hip to the foot was swollen to about twice its size. Due to the swelling and the weakness in my leg, I was concerned about my recovery but one thing I knew for sure, getting my leg back to 100% was my #1 priority and that it was my responsibility to make that happen. After being discharged from the hospital, I had 6 weeks of ‘in-home’ therapy 2x a week then I transitioned to ‘outpatient therapy’. I chose CBAY for my outpatient therapy because of their aquatic therapy program. I knew there would be things I’d be able to do in the water before I could do them on land. With CBAY, I had therapy 3x a week for 6 weeks. Twice a week was aquatic therapy and once a week was land therapy.

    My therapy wound down by the end of September 2017. My therapist, Greg, and I agreed that my leg strength was about 80%. I was walking without assistance but was still walking with a limp. I knew that I had to continue working on strengthening my leg to reach my goal of getting it back to 100%. I joined a gym that has a therapy pool and had the exercises that I had been doing with CBAY. I was in the therapy pool 5 days a week. About 6 days into my workout, I looked over at the regular pool and thought I could do some of the exercises in that pool. For the next few weeks, I was working out in both pools. In the regular pool, I was jogging while wearing 5 lb weights. After a few weeks, I no longer walked with a limp and I transitioned myself to the regular pool full time. I added swimming to the jogging. I kept increasing my swimming distance until I was swimming 2 ½ miles 5 days a week which is where I am now.

    Since mid-October until now, I have swum over 250 miles total. I have a goal of swimming over 400 miles by the time June 2018 rolls around. Before I started this journey in October 2017, I was never a ‘swimmer’ but I have been motivated by how much better my leg has gotten along the way. If it weren’t for aquatic therapy, I never would have given swimming a thought. My leg is now strong enough to jog on land as well as in the pool. This has been an amazing ride! If I can do it, anyone can! Thank-you Greg and CBAY for your part in my recovery.

    P.S. In honor of my recovery, I am registered to walk in the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K which occurs one year and one day after I broke my femur.

    Thanks, Greg!! As you can see, all is going great!! Hope all is well with you, too!



    I went to Chesapeake because of arthritis in my hip, which was aggravated by moving the wrong way while lifting. My doctor recommended Chesapeake as it was convenient and offered pool AND land activity.

    While starting as an occasionally annoying pain, by the time I decided to address it, the hip hurt anytime I walked or moved, even while seated or lying down. By the time I arrived at Chesapeake on 25 October, I could not move without pain. Even more annoying, my hip was occasionally unstable and gave way periodically.

    I felt welcome from the moment I walked in. At the front desk, Liam was efficient and effective handling the admin side of things with a smile. Silvia took me in hand for the assessment and working with her and Katie over the next 3 months produced amazing results. While I did not use the pool, the results with floor work alone took me from constant pain to an occasional twinge or stiffness, but rarely pain. One time I felt so good I forgot I have an arthritic hip and went out for a long walk as I did before the injury – they also coached me on how to recover from that. ?

    ALL the staff at Chesapeake is the first rate. From the Physical Therapists who set up the program to the Techs, and PT Assistants who carry it out – I was in good hands from start to finish thanks to their expertise, enthusiasm, and sense of humor. A big shout out to Shayne and Ryan for counting and keeping me on track.

    After much progress, they ensured I could do the exercises on my own, and sent me out into the world. I am confident that if I continue to follow their advice, I will continue to improve.

    If you are in pain and need therapy, I HIGHLY recommend you sign up with Chesapeake Aquatic Center and Physical Therapy – you’ll be glad you did!

     -D. Barrett


    The Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy staff have been very professional in my treatment. They have been patient with me while I have worked through my program. Even when I had to see a different therapist the attending one made every effort to make my time as consistent as possible.



    I have been with the CBay team for over a year. I couldn’t be more happy with my rehab and progress. Each therapist and staff member is professional, courteous and patient. Each staff member has a unique approach to treatment and I feel like the treatment approach is well rounded and focused on the whole person not just the injury that is troubling me. Thank you for everything.



    Completing your physical therapy assignment is no easy task. That’s why when you’re done, it’s cause for celebration. How did Irene celebrate her discharge from physical therapy? She taught Jillian and her staff how to do a Greek dance.

    “Thank you so much for taking care of me and “rehabbing” my knee after my total knee replacement. Although this was a difficult journey for me, your kindness and professionalism were superb. Each day I was greeted with a smile and words of encouragement. The exercise program you developed for me allowed me to straighten my knee and develop my range of motion. The staff always kept a watchful eye on me and adjusted my program as I improved. Jillian was outstanding in getting mobility back in my knee. Words cannot express how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. Thanks again for providing such excellent care for me. I am so glad I chose your facility for my rehabilitation.”


    I want to express my thanks to you and your staff for helping me regain use of my right knee after the knee was totally replaced due to arthritis. It is a testimony to your rehabilitation program that I am a repeat patient as a result of another knee replacement earlier in the year. A repeat means that I liked what your team did for me “post-operation” the first time, so I elected to come back for treatment after the second operation.

    I had the opportunity to receive treatment from various therapists on your team and all were professional, effective in getting good results, and very knowledgeable in knowing how to repair torn body parts.

    I am most appreciative of everyone’s efforts.

    I would not hesitate to refer your team to anyone needing rehabilitation services.

    My thanks to all,

    Knee Replacement in Bowie



    By Jillian Fichman, DPT

    This is not the normal success story you are used to reading about. This is not the story of a girl who was paralyzed who learned to walk again or the story of a boy with a broken leg who can now run marathons. This is, however, the story of a man who stood strong through life’s most difficult challenges. A man who somehow found a way to smile when the rest of his muscles were failing.

    Over a year ago I began treating a man diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease as it is more commonly known. He and I were both aware that he would not survive this disease, but he came to me with the hope of maintaining his strength and his mobility for as long as possible. I began seeing him two times a week for aquatic therapy. We worked to improve his grip strength and arm strength and his leg strength and balance. While we worked we talked about movies and restaurants, the properties of wavelength and about our lives. When it became hard for him to speak we still seemed to be able to communicate with each other. Not once did he stop smiling.

    A few months ago he moved away and then shortly after that lost his battle to ALS. When I found out I broke down in tears. I realized at that point how much of an impact he had had on me. Shortly before he passed away he wrote to me in a letter that his caregiver told me it took him hours to write, thanking me for making him happy and for making therapy so enjoyable. I think I truly realized at that point how much of an impact I could have on someone’s life. I realized that therapy is not all about treating an injury and is sometimes more about being a friend, a confidant. I think about him a lot as I interact with patients. I really believe I became a better therapist for having known and worked with him. His is a story of courage, grace, and strength in the most difficult times and that is truly the greatest success story I know.


    I went to Chesapeake because my previous P.T. in Odenton didn’t spend enough therapist time with me, averaging < 10 minutes. The other reason was that I had difficulty locking in one therapist over future weeks. I have a right shoulder “SLAP” (Labrum) tear, and after the 3rd visit at the other PT, I developed left biceps tendonitis; though I’m uncertain if it was caused by their treatment or if it was because of a “compensating” injury.

    Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Physical Therapy matched me with “Alice,” and they were able to set up future weeks of treatment with her at the times I wanted! I’ve been going to her for ~4 weeks, and she has provided personal, customized, top-notch service.

    She normally spends 30-40 minutes on me, and no two days are the same. This tells me she doesn’t see P.T. as a static, “by-the-book” resolution. She acknowledges the injury and me as an evolving and dynamic problem that requires adaptation and learning. When she needed more info from my orthopedic doctor, she took it upon herself to contact him, once again, showing she cares about my development and is doing everything she can do to improve my condition. They also largely stay with me during the exercises.

    Another pleasant surprise is that the wait times are always < 5 minutes. While the progress has been somewhat slow, I am improving, and she has added self-P.T. exercises, too. She has even emailed me helpful info. They are motivated, and the whole staff works well together, a sign of a happy place to work. If you want customized, attentive, physical therapy that gives you more than you expect; then Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy is the place for you. Alice lives up to her name – she’s an “A” all the way!”

    -Jeff in Laurel


    Tara was definitely the best PT I’ve ever worked with. I thought Tara had a real knack for designing a program that allowed consistent progress. It was tough, but even on my worst day, I knew that if I followed Tara’s instruction, kept my appointments and did not cut corners, I’d come out on top. The entire staff was very pleasant and I enjoyed working with everyone. My discharge is bittersweet. If I ever need PT again, I’m going back to CBAY Bowie.

    -Jane (07/31/13)


    I spent 8 weeks in therapy at CBAY on my left knee. This was my 4th knee surgery and subsequently my 4th stint in physical therapy. I gained my strength back a lot quicker this time around. I truly believe it was because of Jillian and Tosh at Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy. I’d like to thank them for getting me back to normal. Thanks!!

    -Jim (08/02/13)


    This was the best physical therapy I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. I had no idea how wonderful aquatic therapy could be. Thanks to the CBAY staff in Bowie, you did a great job! I would recommend aquatic therapy to anyone who’s had a major joint replacement. What an enjoyable path to recovery!

    Thanks again!
    -Linda (06/2013)


    Thank you so very much for all the great care. You have been so helpful. From the very first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. A special thanks to Ebony, Danielle, Rachel, and Dachana.

    -Steve F.


    I was very concerned that I was going to have to learn to live with the pain of my injury since it lasted for a couple of months without getting better. Alice was very pleasant to work with and gentle with starting out the therapy. She took the time to find out exactly what was causing the pain and created just the right treatment plan to eliminate the pain and return my elbow to 100 percent. Alice was more than willing to examine and treat other areas of pain that surfaced while I was at therapy. I am very happy with the results of my therapy and will definitely keep CBAY in mind if I ever need therapy for something in the future.

    -Laurel Patient


    The therapists here are great a wonderful, professional group. My appointments and treatments are well taken care of. I have been treated quite well and would recommend this center to anyone who needs treatment. I will miss the great treatment I have received. Thanks for all you do and keep on being the great group that you are. I respect all of you and your hard work. Keep up the good work.

    -Bowie Patient


    Just over a month ago, I walked into CBAY somewhat apprehensive about what was ahead of me. Two months ago I could barely walk and when I did, it was with extreme pain the pain that makes you depressed because you don’t see an end to it. Now after my surgery and the most pleasant physical therapy with Alice, I am walking out of here with a hop in my step because my leg feels great. I no longer have pain and I’m starting to be more active mostly to the strength I was able to build from my therapy experience. If you’re reading this wondering how you will be during and after your experience, don’t worry. You’re in good hands.

    -Dareyl P.


    The attentive and professional care I received were hallmarks during my visit. Both the treatment and exercises were fully explained and demonstrated. It is evident to me that the staff really enjoy their work and were just as happy for my recovery as I was. While I don’t anticipate returning, I would do so happily if I needed to!

    -Monica R.


    Ebony Carson and the CBAY staff are very knowledgable, professional, wonderful and caring. I would recommend friends and family members. My experience here was great. The front desk staff was fantastic and allowed me to make changes when I needed to. They were very courteous. I hope management realizes what a valuable therapist Ebony is.

    -Carvett W.


    I would like to thank everyone at CBAY for making this a good and successful experience. My time at CBAY was great. Everyone was so pleasant, helpful and caring. The atmosphere was relaxed, but the therapy was intense. Alice and her co-workers were so good at explaining every procedure and every exercise in detail so I couldn’t help but understand what they were doing, what I was doing and why. When I first came to therapy I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to continue my job because of the pain, but after six weeks of PT, I am now pain-free and have no doubt I’ll be able to fulfill my job to the end. If I have any other problems I would come back to CBAY in a heartbeat.

    -Leola T.


    I had an accident four years ago and recently started having pain in my arms, shoulders, feet, and knees. No one could find the source of my problem. After my first visit here, my PT figured out that my weak core was what led to all of my other symptoms. In the accident, I landed very hard on my stomach but I didn’t know I could still experience its after-effects years later. After my first visit, I knew I had chosen the right place and now I can enjoy all the activities that I was able to do before. Thanks!


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